Dynamic Rooms

Anyone who has access to your homeserver can query these aliases (even over federation), and aliases do not support checking if a user is authorised to view the content before creation. If you are bridging non-public content, it is advisable to disable this feature.

Some bridges support dynamically creating rooms that point to resources based on an alias given by a user.

Presently, the following are supported:

  • #github_$owner:example.com - For a Matrix space containing a user's discussions and repositories
  • #github_$owner_$repo:example.com - For GitHub repositories
  • #github_$owner_$repo_$issuenumber:example.com - For GitHub issues
  • #github_disc_$owner_$repo:example.com - For GitHub discussions for a repository

Where $word is replaced by the appropriate value.

(Some of these may not be supported, depending on bridge configuration and registration file changes)

Disabling support

This feature can be disabled simply by removing alias fields from the registration file.