Service Bots

Hookshot supports additional bot users called "service bots" which handle a particular connection type (in addition to the default bot user which can handle any connection type). These bots can coexist in a room, each handling a different service.


Service bots can be given a different localpart, display name, avatar, and command prefix.
They will only handle connections for the specified service, which can be one of:

For example with this configuration:

  - localpart: feeds
    displayname: Feeds
    avatar: "./assets/feeds_avatar.png"
    prefix: "!feeds"
    service: feeds

There will be a bot user which responds to commands prefixed with !feeds, and only handles feeds connections.

For the homeserver to allow hookshot control over users, they need to be added to the list of user namespaces in the registration.yml file provided to the homeserver.

In the example above, you would need to add these lines:

    - regex: "" # Where is your homeserver's domain
      exclusive: true