GitLab configuration is fairly straight-forward:

  # (Optional) Configure this to enable GitLab support
    secret: secrettoken

You need to list all the instances you plan to connect to in the config.yml. This is used so that users can give a short name like gitlab or when they want to specify an instance.

You should generate a webhook secret (e.g. pwgen -n 64 -s 1) and then use this as your "Secret token" when adding webhooks.

The publicUrl must be the URL where GitLab webhook events are received (i.e. the path to / for your webhooks listener).

The GitLab hooks "test" button allows you to check that your webhooks are configured properly. The merge request, issue and release notifications lack a action field in the body of the request which means they won't show up in the room. You can check the logs to see if the request made it through, however.

Adding a repository

You can now follow the guide on authenticating with GitLab, and then bridging a room