You can configure hookshot to bridge RSS/Atom feeds into Matrix.


  # (Optional) Configure this to enable RSS/Atom feed support
  enabled: true
  pollIntervalSeconds: 600

pollIntervalSeconds specifies how often each feed will be checked for updates. It may be checked less often if under exceptional load, but it will never be checked more often than every pollIntervalSeconds.

Each feed will only be checked once, regardless of the number of rooms to which it's bridged.

No entries will be bridged upon the “initial sync” -- all entries that exist at the moment of setup will be considered to be already seen.


Adding new feeds

To add a feed to your room:

  • Invite the bot user to the room.
  • Make sure the bot able to send state events (usually the Moderator power level in clients)
  • Say !hookshot feed <URL> where <URL> links to an RSS/Atom feed you want to subscribe to.

Listing feeds

You can list all feeds that a room you're in is currently subscribed to with !hookshot feed list. It requires no special permissions from the user issuing the command.

Removing feeds

To remove a feed from a room, say !hookshot feed remove <URL>, with the URL specifying which feed you want to unsubscribe from.