Previously matrix-github Docker Image Version (latest by date)

A bridge between Matrix and multiple project management services, such as GitHub, GitLab and JIRA.


This bridge supports:

  • Figma
    • File comments
  • GitHub
    • Webhooks (new issues, pull requests, releases etc)
    • Commands (create issues, assign issues, start workflows etc)
  • GitLab
    • Webhooks (new issues, merge requests etc)
    • Commands
  • Jira
    • Webhooks (new issues, issue changes)
    • Commands (create new issues)
  • Generic webhooks
    • Webhooks (via GET, PUT or POST with optional transformation functions)


See the setup guide


Documentation can be found on GitHub Pages.

You can build the documentation yourself by:

# cargo install mdbook
mdbook build
sensible-browser book/index.html


We have a bridge support room you can drop into at, or you can reach me at