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Since version 1.99, Synapse is now maintained by Element under a new licence (

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Experimental Features API

This API allows a server administrator to enable or disable some experimental features on a per-user basis. The currently supported features are:

  • MSC3026: busy presence state enabled
  • MSC3881: enable remotely toggling push notifications for another client
  • MSC3967: do not require UIA when first uploading cross-signing keys.

To use it, you will need to authenticate by providing an access_token for a server admin: see Admin API.

Enabling/Disabling Features

This API allows a server administrator to enable experimental features for a given user. The request must provide a body containing the user id and listing the features to enable/disable in the following format:

   "features": {

where true is used to enable the feature, and false is used to disable the feature.

The API is:

PUT /_synapse/admin/v1/experimental_features/<user_id>

Listing Enabled Features

To list which features are enabled/disabled for a given user send a request to the following API:

GET /_synapse/admin/v1/experimental_features/<user_id>

It will return a list of possible features and indicate whether they are enabled or disabled for the user like so:

   "features": {
      "msc3026": true,
      "msc3881": false,
      "msc3967": false