This document aims to get you started with contributing to the Matrix Authentication Service!

1. Who can contribute to MAS?

Everyone is welcome to contribute code to projects, provided that they are willing to license their contributions under the same license as the project itself. We follow a simple 'inbound=outbound' model for contributions: the act of submitting an 'inbound' contribution means that the contributor agrees to license the code under the same terms as the project's overall 'outbound' license - in our case, this is almost always Apache Software License v2 (see LICENSE).

2. What do I need?

To get MAS running locally from source you will need:

3. Get the source

  • Clone this repository

4. Build and run MAS

  • Build the frontend
    cd frontend
    npm ci
    npm run build
    cd ..
  • Build the Open Policy Agent policies
    cd policies
    # OR, if you don't have `opa` installed and want to build through the OPA docker image
    make DOCKER=1
    cd ..
  • Generate the sample config via cargo run -- config generate > config.yaml
  • Run a PostgreSQL database locally
    docker run -p 5432:5432 -e 'POSTGRES_USER=postgres' -e 'POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres' -e 'POSTGRES_DATABASE=postgres' postgres
  • Update the database URI in config.yaml to postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost/postgres
  • Run the database migrations via cargo run -- database migrate
  • Run the server via cargo run -- server -c config.yaml
  • Go to http://localhost:8080/

5. Learn about MAS

You can learn about the architecture and database of MAS here.