Room Configuration

You can now configure certain options on a per-room basis from within your Matrix client. Currently this requires a bit of technical know-how as no clients expose an interface to changing the bridge configuration.

The org.matrix.appservice-irc.config event

Not all bridges support all configuration options listed. Check with the bridge administrator before creating an issue.

The bridge allows room moderators to create a state event in the room to change the way the bridge behaves in that room.

In Element you can modify the room state by:

  • Opening the room you wish to configure.
  • Typing /devtools.
  • Click Explore Room State.
  • Look for the org.matrix.appservice-irc.config event.
  • You should be able to click Edit to edit the content, and then hit Send to adjust the config.

If an event does not exist yet, you can instead do:

  • Typing /devtools.
  • Click Send Custom Event.
  • Click the Event button to change the type to a State Event.
  • The event type must be org.matrix.appservice-irc.config
  • The state key can be left blank.
  • Enter the Event Content as a JSON object. The schema is described in the following section.
  • You may now hit Send to apply the config.

Configuration Options


Type: number

This allows you to modify the minimum number of lines permitted in a room before the message is pastebinned. The setting is analogous to the lineLimit config option in the bridge config file.


Type: boolean

Some IRC networks require that Matrix users must be joined to the IRC channel before any messages can bridge into the room. You can override this by setting this key to true.