Account validity API

This API allows a server administrator to manage the validity of an account. To use it, you must enable the account validity feature (under account_validity) in Synapse's configuration.

To use it, you will need to authenticate by providing an access_token for a server admin: see Admin API.

Renew account

This API extends the validity of an account by as much time as configured in the period parameter from the account_validity configuration.

The API is:

POST /_synapse/admin/v1/account_validity/validity

with the following body:

    "user_id": "<user ID for the account to renew>",
    "expiration_ts": 0,
    "enable_renewal_emails": true

expiration_ts is an optional parameter and overrides the expiration date, which otherwise defaults to now + validity period.

enable_renewal_emails is also an optional parameter and enables/disables sending renewal emails to the user. Defaults to true.

The API returns with the new expiration date for this account, as a timestamp in milliseconds since epoch:

    "expiration_ts": 0