Welcome to the documentation repository for Synapse, a Matrix homeserver implementation developed by the core team.

Installing and using Synapse

This documentation covers topics for installation, configuration and maintenance of your Synapse process:

Developing on Synapse

Contributions are welcome! Synapse is primarily written in Python. As a developer, you may be interested in the following documentation:

Donating to Synapse development

Want to help keep Synapse going but don't know how to code? Synapse is a Foundation project. Consider becoming a supporter on Liberapay, Patreon or through PayPal via a one-time donation.

If you are an organisation or enterprise and would like to sponsor development, reach out to us over email at: support (at)

Reporting a security vulnerability

If you've found a security issue in Synapse or any other Foundation project, please report it to us in accordance with our Security Disclosure Policy. Thank you!