Synapse demo setup


Requires you to have a Synapse development environment setup.

The demo setup allows running three federation Synapse servers, with server names localhost:8480, localhost:8481, and localhost:8482.

You can access them via any Matrix client over HTTP at localhost:8080, localhost:8081, and localhost:8082 or over HTTPS at localhost:8480, localhost:8481, and localhost:8482.

To enable the servers to communicate, self-signed SSL certificates are generated and the servers are configured in a highly insecure way, including:

  • Not checking certificates over federation.
  • Not verifying keys.

The servers are configured to store their data under demo/8080, demo/8081, and demo/8082. This includes configuration, logs, SQLite databases, and media.

Note that when joining a public room on a different homeserver via "", then you are (in the current implementation) joining a room with room_id "foo". This means that it won't work if your homeserver already has a room with that name.

Using the demo scripts

There's three main scripts with straightforward purposes:

  • will start the Synapse servers, generating any missing configuration.
    • This accepts a single parameter --no-rate-limit to "disable" rate limits (they actually still exist, but are very high).
  • will stop the Synapse servers.
  • will delete the configuration, databases, log files, etc.

To start a completely new set of servers, run:

./demo/; ./demo/ && ./demo/