Deprecation Policy for Platform Dependencies

Synapse has a number of platform dependencies, including Python and PostgreSQL. This document outlines the policy towards which versions we support, and when we drop support for versions in the future.


Synapse follows the upstream support life cycles for Python and PostgreSQL, i.e. when a version reaches End of Life Synapse will withdraw support for that version in future releases.

Details on the upstream support life cycles for Python and PostgreSQL are documented at and


It is important for system admins to have a clear understanding of the platform requirements of Synapse and its deprecation policies so that they can effectively plan upgrading their infrastructure ahead of time. This is especially important in contexts where upgrading the infrastructure requires auditing and approval from a security team, or where otherwise upgrading is a long process.

By following the upstream support life cycles Synapse can ensure that its dependencies continue to get security patches, while not requiring system admins to constantly update their platform dependencies to the latest versions.