Porting an existing module that uses the old interface

In order to port a module that uses Synapse's old module interface, its author needs to:

  • ensure the module's callbacks are all asynchronous.
  • register their callbacks using one or more of the register_[...]_callbacks methods from the ModuleApi class in the module's __init__ method (see this section for more info).

Additionally, if the module is packaged with an additional web resource, the module should register this resource in its __init__ method using the register_web_resource method from the ModuleApi class (see this section for more info).

There is no longer a get_db_schema_files callback provided for password auth provider modules. Any changes to the database should now be made by the module using the module API class.

The module's author should also update any example in the module's configuration to only use the new modules section in Synapse's configuration file (see this section for more info).