Package rssbot

import "github.com/matrix-org/go-neb/services/rssbot"

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Package rssbot implements a Service capable of reading Atom/RSS feeds.


const ServiceType = "rssbot"

ServiceType of the RSS Bot service

type Service

type Service struct {
    // Feeds is a map of feed URL to configuration options for this feed.
    Feeds map[string]struct {
        // Optional. The time to wait between polls. If this is less than minPollingIntervalSeconds, it is ignored.
        PollIntervalMins int `json:"poll_interval_mins"`
        // The list of rooms to send feed updates into. This cannot be empty.
        Rooms []string `json:"rooms"`
        // True if rss bot is unable to poll this feed. This is populated by Go-NEB. Use /getService to
        // retrieve this value.
        IsFailing bool `json:"is_failing"`
        // The time of the last successful poll. This is populated by Go-NEB. Use /getService to retrieve
        // this value.
        FeedUpdatedTimestampSecs int64 `json:"last_updated_ts_secs"`
        // Internal field. When we should poll again.
        NextPollTimestampSecs int64
        // Internal field. The most recently seen GUIDs. Sized to the number of items in the feed.
        RecentGUIDs []string
    } `json:"feeds"`

Service contains the Config fields for this service.

Example request:

    feeds: {
        "http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition.rss": {
             poll_interval_mins: 60,
             rooms: ["!cBrPbzWazCtlkMNQSF:localhost"]
        "https://www.wired.com/feed/": {
             rooms: ["!qmElAGdFYCHoCJuaNt:localhost"]

func (*Service) OnPoll

func (s *Service) OnPoll(cli *matrix.Client) time.Time

OnPoll rechecks RSS feeds which are due to be polled.

In order for a feed to be polled, the current time must be greater than NextPollTimestampSecs. In order for an item on a feed to be sent to Matrix, the item's GUID must not exist in RecentGUIDs. The GUID for an item is created according to the following rules:

- If there is a GUID field, use it.
- Else if there is a Link field, use it as the GUID.
- Else if there is a Title field, use it as the GUID.

Returns a timestamp representing when this Service should have OnPoll called again.

func (*Service) PostRegister

func (s *Service) PostRegister(oldService types.Service)

PostRegister deletes this service if there are no feeds remaining.

func (*Service) Register

func (s *Service) Register(oldService types.Service, client *matrix.Client) error

Register will check the liveness of each RSS feed given. If all feeds check out okay, no error is returned.