Package client

import "github.com/matrix-org/go-neb/services/github/client"

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func New

func New(token string) *github.Client

New returns a github Client which can perform Github API operations. If `token` is empty, a non-authenticated client will be created. This should be used sparingly where possible as you only get 60 requests/hour like that (IP locked).

type TrimmedRepository

type TrimmedRepository struct {
    Name        *string           `json:"name"`
    Description *string           `json:"description"`
    Private     *bool             `json:"private"`
    HTMLURL     *string           `json:"html_url"`
    CreatedAt   *github.Timestamp `json:"created_at"`
    UpdatedAt   *github.Timestamp `json:"updated_at"`
    PushedAt    *github.Timestamp `json:"pushed_at"`
    Fork        *bool             `json:"fork"`
    FullName    *string           `json:"full_name"`
    Permissions *map[string]bool  `json:"permissions"`

TrimmedRepository represents a cut-down version of github.Repository with only the keys the end-user is likely to want.

func TrimRepository

func TrimRepository(repo *github.Repository) TrimmedRepository

TrimRepository trims a github repo into important fields only.