Package metrics

import "github.com/matrix-org/go-neb/metrics"

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const (
    StatusSuccess = "success"
    StatusFailure = "failure"

Common status values

func IncrementAuthSession

func IncrementAuthSession(realmType string)

IncrementAuthSession increments the /requestAuthSession request counter

func IncrementCommand

func IncrementCommand(cmdName string, st Status)

IncrementCommand increments the pling command counter

func IncrementConfigureService

func IncrementConfigureService(serviceType string)

IncrementConfigureService increments the /configureService counter

func IncrementWebhook

func IncrementWebhook(serviceType string)

IncrementWebhook increments the incoming webhook request counter

type Status

type Status string

Status is the status of a measurable metric (incoming commands, outgoing polls, etc)