Interface RoomUpgradeHandlerOpts


  • RoomUpgradeHandlerOpts


consumeEvent: boolean

Should upgrade and invite events be processed after being handled by the RoomUpgradeHandler. Defaults to false.

migrateEntry?: ((entry: RoomBridgeStoreEntry, newRoomId: string) => Promise<null | RoomBridgeStoreEntry>)

Type declaration

migrateGhosts: boolean

Should ghost users be migrated to the new room. This will leave any users matching the user regex list in the registration file from the old room, and join them to the new room. Defaults to true

migrateStoreEntries: boolean

Migrate room store entries automatically. Defaults to true

onRoomMigrated?: ((oldRoomId: string, newRoomId: string) => void | Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (oldRoomId: string, newRoomId: string): void | Promise<void>
    • Invoked after a room has been upgraded and its entries updated.


      • oldRoomId: string

        The old roomId.

      • newRoomId: string

        The new roomId.

      Returns void | Promise<void>

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