• StateLookup


  • Construct a new state lookup entity.

    This component stores state events for specific event types which can be queried at a later date. This component will perform network requests to fetch the current state for a given room ID. It relies on onEvent being called with later events in order to stay up-to-date. This should be connected to the onEvent handler on the Bridge.


    if there is no client.


    • opts: StateLookupOpts

      Options for this constructor

    Returns StateLookup


  • Get a stored state event.



    • roomId: string
    • eventType: string
    • Optional stateKey: string

      If specified, this function will return either the event or null. If not specified, this function will always return an array of events, which may be empty.

    Returns null | StateLookupEvent | StateLookupEvent[]

  • Update any state dictionaries with this event. If there is nothing tracking this room, nothing is stored.


    Returns Promise<void>

  • Track a given room. The client must have access to this room.

    This will perform a room state query initially. Subsequent calls will do nothing, as it will rely on events being pushed to it via onEvent.


    Resolves when the room is being tracked. Rejects if the room cannot be tracked.


    • roomId: string

      The room ID to start tracking. You can track multiple rooms by calling this function multiple times with different room IDs.

    Returns Promise<StateLookupRoom>

  • Stop tracking a given room.

    This will stop further tracking of state events in the given room and delete existing stored state for it.


    • roomId: string

      The room ID to stop tracking.

    Returns void

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