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Interface ProvisioningApiOpts


  • ProvisioningApiOpts



Optional apiPrefix

apiPrefix?: string

Prefix to use for the API. E.g. /api in /api/v1/session

Default is /api.

Optional disallowedIpRanges

disallowedIpRanges?: string[]

Disallow these IP ranges from being hit when handling OpenID requests. By default, a number of intenal ranges are blocked.



Optional expressApp

expressApp?: Application

Provide an existing express app to bind to.

Note: start() and close() will no-op when this is used.

Optional openIdOverride

openIdOverride?: {}

A set of Matrix server names to override the well known response to. Should only be used for testing.

Type declaration

  • [serverName: string]: URL

Optional provisioningToken

provisioningToken?: string

Secret token for provisioning requests

Optional ratelimit

ratelimit?: boolean | Options

Options for ratelimiting requests to the api server. Does not affect static content loading.

Optional widgetFrontendLocation

widgetFrontendLocation?: string

Where are the files stored for the widget frontend. If undefined, do not host a frontend.

Optional widgetTokenLifetimeMs

widgetTokenLifetimeMs?: number

How long should a widget token last for?

Optional widgetTokenPrefix

widgetTokenPrefix?: string

For widget tokens, use this prefix.

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